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Posted on 12/26/2022 in Marriage
Secret tips for happy married life

Secret tips for happy married life - NikahExplorer

For Muslims, marriage is more than just connecting two individuals who care about the same things. If the base is laid with love, integrity, and devotion, nothing could disintegrate a successful marriage, which is a proof to Allah's majesty.

“And one of His signs is that He created for you spouses from among yourselves so that you may find comfort in them. And He has placed between you compassion and mercy. Surely in this are signs for people who reflect” [30:21].

Marriage is not just a contract, but it is a lifetime commitment among spouses to make each other’s life the happy and peaceful one.

Following are some secrets to make marriage beautiful:

• To become the biggest support for your spouse

Understanding your spouse's demands will enable you to support him or her in achieving his or her goals. Would she wish to enhance her baking skills? Support her in conducting her regular taste testing. Does he intend to launch a company? Build forward each other's possibilities as companions in development and production.

• Stay intimate with your spouse

Both men and women require physical and psychological pleasure, particularly during marriage. In order to satisfy your spouse's desires and wants, it is crucial to be aware of them. For the sustainability of your relationship, this is essential. Try to accommodate your spouse's basic wants.

• Stay Loyal

The communication channels among husband-and-wife ought to be clear and open, regardless of whether they are discussing financial issues or concerns regarding cheating. Relationships frequently suffer from distrust, which is frequently caused by lack of trust in one's partner. To reduce marital problems, both spouses must be honest and loyal with each other.

• Place Allah at the heart of all interactions

Managing marital issues by keeping Allah in mind is a crucial piece of advice for a good marriage. Understand that there are highs and lows in marriages, but also that Allah has positioned love and kindness so that husbands and wives can live harmoniously.

• Gain Allah's Favor with One Another

The institution of marriage was developed to help individuals stay on Allah's path. This is the pillar upon which Muslim men and women can construct their shared existence. To be nearer to Allah, partners should encourage one another. Spouses should join hands to earn Allah's favour.

• Building friendship and trust

Husband and wife have a precious relationship. Through respect and friendship, it can grow stronger. A husband must establish a friendship with his spouse and make her feel welcomed. She would feel comfortable which will enable her grow to trust him. The key components of a happy marriage are trust and friendship. The much more beautiful example is that of our Prophet Muhammad, PBUH. He always offered his wife compassion and support, no matter what.

• Spouses should develop listening skills

Marriages will certainly have disagreements, but as lifelong partners, they ought to be able to recognize each other's weaknesses. Spouses should stop defending and arguing all the time and pay attention to one another's problems. To be able to settle disputes, they should considerate of one another's sentiments.

• Effective Communication

One of the key suggestions for a successful marital life is effective communication among married couples. As everlasting mates, people ought to be aware of their partner's emotions without having to repeatedly inquire about their goals.

• Celebrating every moment in relationship

Since a husband and wife's relationship experiences numerous ups and downs, it's crucial to let go of little things and embrace each moment. This may inspire partners to express gratitude to Allah SWT for every aspect of their precious bond.

Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) has stated that:

“Husband and wife are twin halves of each other [Sahih Bukhari]”

• Creating a perfect balance in Relationship

Each relationship needs balance, but marriage particularly needs a balance to keep things on track. because a husband and wife are equals on an equal ground and put out honest partnership. Any decision must be made after consultation and comprehension between both sides. Each partner must give the other space to speak, and neither must strive to dominate the other.

• Forgiving each other

Allah SWT loves forgiveness, and He pardons those who are merciful to his creation. A husband-and-wife ought to be gracious to one another and never hold grudges. For carrying bad feelings might harm their marriage, their holy union. They should possess a heart that is able to forgive one another's transgressions.

• Ignoring weaknesses

There are flaws and weaknesses in everyone. The only one who is perfect and who never commits an error is Allah SWT. The imperfections of spouses could irritate the other person, but because everybody has weaknesses; therefore, mistakes must be overlooked in a marriage. Even with improvements, there will always be faults. The partners must see beyond their mates' flaws and focus on what they have good for them.

Concluding all of the above tips and advices of good marriage, it is suggested that managing marital issues by keeping Allah in mind is a crucial piece of advice for a good marriage. Understand that there are highs and lows in partnerships, but also that Allah has established love and kindness for letting married couples may live together peacefully.