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Posted on 12/24/2022 in Muslim Marriage
Tips for successful marriage in Islam

Tips for successful marriage in Islam - NikahExplorer

Nikah Should not be delayed

This Nikah is a great Sunnah (course of life) of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). Each Nikah conducted by the Holy Prophet was distinguished by its purity (peace be upon him). The Hadith instructs Muslims that when a good mate is chosen for a girl, the Nikah must be performed as soon as possible. Thus, the first and the foremost important thing to do is to not delay the Nikah.

Prophet Mohmmad (P.B.U.H) has stated:

The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

“Nikah is my Sunnah.” (Ibn Majah)

“Whosoever turns away from my Sunnah is not of me.” (Bukhari)

The key reason for today's substantial increase in the number of single boys and girls arises mostly from ignoring the solid guidance provided throughout Hadith. Despite finally finding a suitable mate for one's son or daughter, the Nikah still gets delayed due to many irrelevant reasons because people nowadays are considering other small things more important than Nikah.

Discussion of Spouses

A contractual relationship among two persons to marry is the foundation of a nikah. Prior to actually completing any wedding plans, future spouses ought to have a thorough discussion in presence of mahram (not necessarily if a girl and boy knows their limitations before nikah, since there are certain etiquettes of meeting before nikah).

To make Nikah happy between husband and wife

Marriage is an important institution that precedes the humankind. It is described as a relationship among a man and a woman that is acknowledged by law or legislation and entails particular obligations and rights for both the person entering the Relationship. Marriage serves two main purposes it is the method through which human civilization regulates human interactions, and it is the process through which a child's relationship to the group is established.

In modern challenging times, hectic commitments cause partners to be indifferent to one another. This has an adverse effect on the well-being of the Nikah bond. So, following are amazing recommendations from Islam to assist married couples strengthen their shared love and compassion.

• Using Fragrances

We undervalue the power of scent. Smelling nice promotes relaxation and helps keep the partner focused and calm. Attractive smells are sometimes associated with nostalgia, leading to a pleasant talk among spouses. Additionally, pleasant fragrances aid in arousing emotions and attracting the partner. The Prophet (PBUH) used high-quality scents such as Sikkah and invested a great deal of money on them. Therefore, smelling nice for the spouse is under the devotion and following the Sunnah.

• Using Adorable Nicknames

Using adorable nicknames to address the partners is an old but powerful approach. It is the easiest technique to express your love for your partner. This is due to the fact that the identity is personalised, and only the partner has the authority to address his/her spouse by that name. As a result, it strengthens their love and affection for one another.

• Using oral care to not have smelly breath

There's no denying that stinky smell and a stinky skin may be a turn-off for your spouses. Keeping proper cleanliness at all times is very important. A recommendation for this could be using the Siwak, a type of tooth stick which is considered Sunnah, and is used for oral care. Establishing the practice of utilising Siwak can enhance the overall oral health.

• Be very conscious about spouse’s emotions and feelings

Mutual understanding develops via mutual cooperation in both joyful and difficult moments. The spouses must discuss one another's requirements on a regular basis. This would assist them understand what makes their spouse comfortable. One must also talk about his prospective ambitions and goals to another. This would enable both to be more helpful and caring with each other.