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Posted on 3/6/2018 in Muslim Marriage
Admiration for Spouses

Admiration for Spouses - NikahExplorer

In Muslim Marriages Allah has laid great emphasis on love between spouses who have signed the bond to live with one another. But a very important part leading to a successful marriage is also the admiration that a spouse has for the other spouse. When a Muslim husband or wife shows their life partner that they admire them, it leads to strengthening of the marriage and consequently a very strong bond.

Allah has said in the Quran that if you do not like something about your wife, there is going to be atleast one thing that you will like about her. This ayah of the Quran means that while there are many reasons for you to love her, like her or dislike her, there will also be that one reason for you to admire her. Same goes for husbands. Admiration for your spouse stems from the belief that they have something that you don’t have and that when you admire them for it, you aspire to be like them because of it.

On our society, unfortunately, admiration towards spouses is not very common. Sure there is love and there is communication, there are opinion clashes and there are harmonious agreements but when was the last time you asked your wife what she thinks you should wear to work the next day because you “admire” her sense of style? Or when was the last time you as a wife asked your husband for advice to handle your bank account because you “admire” the way he handles his finances? You may admire your spouse for a lot of their qualities but it is also important to show them that you appreciate them and that too very regularly.

Admiring and then complimenting your spouse, even going as little as to say “I wish I could be like you” goes a long way in strengthening the relationship that God has made for you. Your spouse will see the best in you and you will see the best in your spouse and will aspire to be like each other. This in turn will grow the love and bond you have for each other. A Muslim man can admire the way his wife prays 5 times a day without fail while he struggles to do so. In time that struggle will also lessen as his admiration will lead to action to correct himself. When imaan rises, Allah blesses the Muslim couple. So it all comes down to a full circle. Admiration leads to appreciation and appreciation leads to love and a strong bond. Let us all reach that bond in our marriages. Ameen.