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Posted on 7/24/2018 in Muslim Marriage
Bad Days in Marriage

Bad Days in Marriage - NikahExplorer

A healthy marriage is bound to have bad days along with good days. That is why it is called a healthy marriage and not a perfect marriage. Because Allah knows that perfect marriages do not exist and he does not expect us to achieve perfection in our marriages. Just like human beings are flawed so is the relationship of marriage between two different human beings. However, we must make sure that it is not by carrying out a balancing act appropriately.

Marriage comes together when two humans with different personalities , characters, upbringing and lifestyles come together to make it work. There will be things that both agree on and there will be things that they disagree on. Agreements would lead to good days and disagreements would lead to bad days. But it is the bad days that we must analyze more than the good ones because of our belief that shaitaan plays a huge part in those bad days. And he can turn those bad days into worse days and eventually result in the breakup of the marriage. Which by the way, will make shaitaan the most happiest.

A person’s true character is found out by observing how he handles difficult situations and worrisome days. It can also be found out how he handles his anger and stress. If both the husband and wife are bad at handling the negative aspects of each other’s personalities, that is a sign of trouble. Allah has told us in the Quran that He WILL test us. He will give us difficulties because He wants us to turn to him. So in those days, which WILL come, we must keep our calm and turn to Him. We must be patient with our spouses and we must learn to compromise. Remember, a little compromise from our side will not cost us much but if not done, will cost a lifetime of a relationship.

When a Muslim husband and wife have a fight, they must remember to control their anger. They must remember that the relationship they built was on love and respect. They should show some compassion. And most of all they should understand that this world is not perfect and that we were not made for this world. So how can our marriages be perfect? Ofcourse they can’t. You will disagree with your spouse, you will bang doors and throw pots and pans. But you will also go up to them and apologize. And you will also fix things before it’s too late. Remember, the bad days in marriage are those that are the most important in shaping our relationship. Let’s train ourselves to deal with them with grace, IA.