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Posted on 1/29/2018 in Marriage
Be Garments for each other

Be Garments for each other - NikahExplorer

Allah has said about the relationship between a Muslim man and a Muslim woman in the Holy Quran that “They are garments for you and you are garments for them”. The meaning of this ayah of the Quran is very deep and we as Muslims should try and understand what Allah is saying to us. The literal meaning of garments is clothes and covering, clothes that protect us and cover our bodies.

The relationship of a Muslim man and a Muslim woman is the same. The fact that Muslim husband and Muslim wife are garments of each other is that they trust each other, protect each other and hide each other’s flaws. This is a very beautiful relationship that they have and Allah has mentioned it in beautiful terms.

However, how many of us are indeed garments of each other. We are spouses but do we really protect and hide the faults of our spouses? Just like the garments protect your chastity and self respect and save you from outward harm, in the same way do Muslim husbands and wives protect each other and save them from any worldly harm? And keep that promise to each other as long as they live? We must ask ourselves these questions and judge whether we really treat our spouses as garments.

Another connotation of garments is purity. Clothes cover us hence are considered pure. This is just like the relationship between the husband and the wife in Islam. This is why Allah commanded us to wear clean and pure clothes “And your clothing, purify it.”

We also take garments to give us beauty and make us carry ourselves well. The same is the case with our spouses. The fact that they are there with us gives us beauty and grace automatically and that’s the beauty that Allah has bestowed upon them so how amazing is that! We all wear clothes. In the same way, we shall all get married and live with our spouses in love and harmony as Allah asked us to in the Quran.

So let’s try to be garments of our spouses in the true sense of the word and live with them with trust, protection, love and harmony.