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Posted on 2/1/2018 in Marriage
Beautiful Marriage Vs Beautiful Wedding

Beautiful Marriage Vs Beautiful Wedding - NikahExplorer

They say that a handsome man and a pretty girl will make a beautiful wedding but a faithful man and a pious woman will make a beautiful marriage. Such is the beauty of marriage in Islam, the things it considers beautiful are beyond our expectations. The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) asked us to marry by looking at 3 things; wealth, faith and beauty. However, many people mistake beauty to mean outward beauty and that too, beauty that they have no right to decide.

That is why beautiful marriages are based on the personalities of two people who do not think in this way about beauty. The real beauty is beauty in personalities of a person, kindness of a person and the beautiful upbringing of the person. That is what makes a beautiful marriage.

A beautiful wedding though would look good for a little while. A few hours or even a few days. Then the outward beauty starts to fade marriages feel strained. When Allah asks us in the Quran to marry for beauty he does not mean marry a girl who is fair or a man who is rich. He asks us to marry a good person, a person who has faith. When the Muslim husband and wife both have faith, Allah automatically blesses the couple. When both the husband and wife look at each other with love, Allah looks both of them with mercy. THAT is the real beauty in marriage and that is why a beautiful marriage is so different from a beautiful wedding.

A beautiful wedding may have all the blings for the time being but it does not lay the foundation for a happily ever after. A happily ever after is laid by a faithful man and a pious woman coming together for the sake of Allah and living their life together. So which one will we choose?