Blog Beauty of Ramadan in Muslim Marriages
Posted on 12/20/2017 in Muslim Marriage
Beauty of Ramadan in Muslim Marriages

Beauty of Ramadan in Muslim Marriages - NikahExplorer

Ramadan is a beautiful month for all of us to raise our emaan and move towards the straight path. But it is also the most beautiful month because of the numerous opportunities it gives to Muslims all across the world to get together and celebrate relationships. A month in which the shaitaan is chained, in which he cannot ruin beautiful relationships that he so wants to (especially Muslim marriages!) is a month to be celebrated and cherished. Indeed, the beauty of the month of Ramadan should be taken advantage of by all Muslims and especially married couples, who should use it to their advantage to get closer to each other with Allah’s millions of blessings.

There are so many ways Muslim couples can make Ramadan a satisfying one for their relationship, the most important one is to spend time together in the remembrance of Allah. What we as a married couple must realize that the more time we spend together in the praise of Allah the greater Allah makes the fort surrounding us and our spouse, protecting us against evil. In Ramadan we have the added blessing of not having shaitaan around too! What more can we ask for from Allah.

Muslim couples should pray together because this is the best time that their prayers re going to be answered along with the blessings of Allah. Prayer gives a Muslim couple peace and tranquility when they do it together and what better month than Ramadan to do so when you accept the shower of blessings you are getting. The reward for prayer is hundred times more in this blessed month so imagine if you pray with your spouse, make an effort to invest in the relationship that is most blessed in the eyes of Allah, how much would you be rewarded by Him? Allah has said that when a Muslim husband looks at his Muslim wife with love, Allah looks at both of them with mercy.

So use the beauty of Ramadan to pray to Allah to bless your marriage, increase the love between you both (as you yourself will see when you spend more time together in Allah’s remembrance!) and give you compassion, compromise and patience as important attributes in marriage. Pray together. Read the Quran together. Discuss how much you have read at Sehri. Tell each other your favourite ayats at Iftar. THAT is the beauty of Ramadan you should seek as a couple. THOSE are Muslim marriage relationship goals you are supposed to strive for in this blessed month. Let the beauty of Ramadan take over in our lives, in our marriages and in our world leading us to the Hereafter. Ameen.