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Posted on 2/20/2017 in Marriage
Being Single

Being Single - NikahExplorer

Islam encourages Muslims to get married young because it encourages the birth of offspring and to increase the lineage of the Prophet (PBUH) called ‘ummah’. So Allah has asked us to get married after we reach puberty and not delay it for worldly reasons. Many of these worldly reasons include having a stable job, getting education, becoming more ‘mature’ and a few others. While it is good that one must have all the above before getting married, it is not absolutely essential. Therefore, we must change our attitudes and get married to gain the pleasure of Allah if we can afford it. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said to single Muslims about marriage: “Whoever cannot afford it, let him fast, for it will be a shield for him.”

However, many times, these reasons do not exist. Good Muslims who WANT to get married find it difficult to do so because they cannot seem to find the right person based on the principles of Islam. Islam forbids the contact of a man and a woman before marriage and many feel this limits their options which is why they remain single. However, this is not true. The fact that Muslims are actually obeying Allah in not mingling with the opposite gender is great and that means they are trusting Allah to give them their soul mate in due course.

So to all the Muslims who are single out there, you are not weak because you’ve decided to listen to Allah and not ‘date’. You are strong because your trust in Allah is greater than anything else. You know that when the time is right, Allah will grant you your Muslim, faithful spouse and that is when you will be grateful. You will be given your life partner when you are least expecting it and that is the promise Allah has made Himself when He said to us that we are born in pairs. You have entrusted Allah to give you that man or that woman that you deserve, with who you can live in love and peace and harmony and who you can call your perfect match.

So Single Muslims, being single is not a crime so don’t think of it as such. Remember that Allah has a plan for you. You might not get what you wanted but you certainly have the trust that when Allah grants you your spouse, it will be the best plan for you. So pray. Pray to Allah to grant you your perfect spouse. And remember. Righteousness is perfection. So pray for a righteous spouse and Allah will listen.