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Posted on 2/28/2017 in Marriage
Blossoming your marriage in Ramadan

Blossoming your marriage in Ramadan - NikahExplorer

There is no other time in the world to bless your marriage than the month of Ramadan. In this month Allah sends down millions of blessings to all Muslims for those who want to accept them and hence it is a great opportunity to move to the straight path and fix everything in your life. Marriage is one such thing, because Allah has placed great emphasis on asking us to make our marriages work. However Allah has also said in the Quran that He will not change the condition of people till they themselves make an effort and so this month is the perfect month to allow yourself to work on your marriage and make it blossom.

A number of different habits can be taken up to work on your marriage this month as it becomes easy for you to do so. The most convenient thing you and your spouse can do in this month is wake up for Sehri together and have Iftar together. In our routine (or should we say months that are not Ramadan) we are busy with worldly matters. Husbands come home late, wives are overworked with the responsibilities of the house and the kids so it becomes difficult for the husband and wife to even take time out to have dinner together. But in Ramadan, that practice is not normally followed, specially if you live in an Islamic country. People get off work early in Ramadan and hence have more time to not only pray to Allah but also spend more time with their spouses. This strengthens the relationship considerably and is encouraged by Allah.

At Suhoor, when the world world is quite and at peace before dawn, the husband and wife can sit together and have sehri. There may even be no talk between them but it is indeed a beautiful time for the husband and the wife to connect.

Ramadan not only helps Muslim husband and wife to connect with each other but also spiritually grow together as well as grow closer to Allah. When that happens ofcourse, you know your marriage is being blossomed. Spending time together does not go only as far as having sehri and iftar with each other but also goes on to praying together, discussing the goals you have set for Ramadan, discussing the chapter of the Quran you have reached and how your spouse has to catch up (ha!); a number of things which you would probably not do in a month other than Ramadan.  A little competition in terms of how much Quran you have recited and how much you have learnt goes a long way in not only increasing the communication between you both but also contributes in the growing love you have for each other.

At long last, Ramadan is the perfect month to make your marriage blossom because it is the month when both the spouses acknowledge that they are fasting for the sake of Allah and that brings them closer to each other as they realize that Allah is the One who will bring them together in Jannah as well. What a beautiful, blossoming feeling that is Alhamdulillah.