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Posted on 2/20/2016 in Marriage
Cheating on your spouse in Marriage

Cheating on your spouse in Marriage - NikahExplorer

There are a lot of ways that a husband and a wife can cheat each other in marriage. In Islam cheating is ofcourse forbidden in marriage as marriage is a sacred relationship with the blessing of Allah. So what are the ways a spouse can cheat the other partner in marriage?  Cheating does not only mean committing adultery while being married but the scope of cheating is much much larger than that.

In today’s society where we are exposed to technology at a maximum level and ways of communication are much more easier than could have ever been imagined, while some people benefit from it for the better, lots of people use it to commit sins. Social Media websites and other technological ways like telephone, MMS, SMS are used to cheat on spouses too. Cheating does not only mean kissing, flirting with and touching another person IN person. It also means using any means to do so and technology is a means. So if you’re sending a non-mahram man text messages that are irrelevant in the middle of the night or if you are emailing your female work colleague a random joke and laughing about it, then you are ALREADY cheating on your spouse. So stop right away!

Marriage in Islam is a contract that requires the mutual consent of both the man and the woman. Even if one does not agree, the marriage is labeled void as was declared by Holy Prophet (PBUH) when a woman who was forcefully married to a man came to him to express her predicament. That is why the man and woman are required to say “qabul” thrice when entering the contract. So it is important that both think deeply of the bond they will be tied in, a bond where cheating on each other is unacceptable. If any one of the party cheats in this sacred bond then they have violated the terms of Allah and that is indeed a grave sin.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that “The one who cheats is not amongst us”. That is the sort of punishment received as a result of cheating. Your entire faith, your identity is taken away from you. So we should know the consequences of our actions when we cheat in marriage.

Ofcourse like all bad deeds, even cheating has forgiveness. However, Allah will only forgive the sins of the sinner if the sinner has apologized to the person with who he committed the sin. There are many marriages that crumble immediately as a result of cheating yet there are some that recover. However, recovering from cheating is a long process and only the very forgiving can do so. So never cross the path of cheating on your spouse because not only will you be shunned in this world by the person you cheated but also by Allah in the Hereafter.