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Posted on 2/23/2017 in Marriage
Choose Unity, Not Division, in Marriage

Choose Unity, Not Division, in Marriage - NikahExplorer

Allah speaks of togetherness when He mentions Muslim marriages in the Quran. Infact it is one of the most important verses of the Quran about marriage where He tells us to “live together in peace and harmony”. Such is the importance of togetherness in the relationship on marriage.

The reason this topic is being so stressed here is because while a couple may get married and live together, real togetherness does not come till they understand each other, communicate with each other, make compromises for each other and love and respect each other. When a couple has managed to do that in a marriage, Allah is pleased with them as a “United Couple” in every sense of the word.

Allah has asked us to live in our marriages in such a way that we are brought closer together by our actions and emotions. A husband is encouraged to bring gifts for their wife to show his love and a wife is encouraged to do the same to show her respect.  These are the actions that eventually bring unity in the relationship. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) stressed on the importance of unity and not division in marriage. Sure, marriage will bring along trouble in paradise many times but Muslim couples are encouraged to use those hard times to bring themselves closer to their spouses, not let the troubles drift them further apart.

That is why Allah tests Muslim couples with problems. Will they let the bad times let them move away from their spouse or will they use them to strengthen the bond they have? Will you let the difficulties make you better towards your spouse or will they make you bitter? Will you choose unity or will you choose division? The choice is yours. But as the person knowing that marriage is one of the most loved relationships in the eyes of Allah, it should not be too difficult a decision to make IA.