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Posted on 2/9/2017 in Marriage
Choose your Spouse

Choose your Spouse - NikahExplorer

In this life there are so many relationships that we have; some we are born with and others we make on the way. Allah chooses lots of relationships for us such as our mother, father and our siblings. He chooses who we are to be born to and who we are to brother or sister. Our parents could be multi-millionaire managers at fancy companies or they could be laborers working under the sun, we really can’t choose. And so we have to make the most with what Allah has given us at birth. However, there is one very important relationship that we do have a say in and that is the relationship with a husband or a wife.

Again and again in the Quran, Allah has mentioned the premise of marriage and who we are to chose to be our partner in marriage. Allah has explained the relationship to us time and again in the Quran in the hope that we would attain wisdom. Allah has told us that the relationship between a husband and a wife is that of “garments for each other”. This tells you that you must choose a spouse who you know will protect you and hide your flaws and other displeasing parts of your personality.

Allah has also told us to marry someone who brings you closer to Allah. So therefore we must choose a spouse who is religious, whose foundation of Islam is very strong. Once a man came to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and asked him for advice on choosing his spouse. The Prophet (PBUH) replied “It is binding upon you to have a religious spouse.”

When you are choosing your spouse you must also be careful of their personality traits. Is the person pleasant and well mannered? Or is he rude whenever he or she opens their mouth to speak. Imam Reza once said to a man about to marry off his daughter ““If he is ill-natured (bad tempered), don’t marry your daughter to him.”  Parents should carefully examine the personality of the future son or daughter in law.

Many other factors are important in choosing the right spouse for you like nature of the person, the wealth, the beauty (internal) and the family. If you get positive vibes from each of these areas, then know that you are on the right path to choose yourself a great spouse. They may not be perfect, but then who is?