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Posted on 2/13/2017 in Relationship
Complement your spouse in Marriage

Complement your spouse in Marriage - NikahExplorer

Marriage in Islam is a wonderful relationship that involves two individuals with different personalities complementing each other tremendously. Allah has meant it to be this way when he says in the Quran that we are all made in “pairs”. The fact that he has created us in pairs means that we as individuals are incomplete without each other and hence are incomplete in our functioning in this world. That is why marriage is an institution where couples complement each other.

In our society, when we speak about couples complementing each other they talk of more matching each other in appearances. For example, a tall groom would complement a tall bride, a fair bride will only look good with a fair husband, and so on. However, when Allah speaks about making couples in pairs and complementing each other, He speaks of a concept much broader than just appearances. Both the individuals in a marriage need not be same in appearance to complement each other. Infact it is what they are together that matters the most. The husband can be tall and the wife can be short and they may still be the most perfect couple in terms of complementing each other.

The fact that a couple can complement each other in more ways than one can be easily seen by how they behave with each other, which obviously has no bearing on their appearances. These are 2 different individuals living together, 2 people who are entirely different, yet they manage to treat each other as equals, thus complementing their differences in personalities. That is the mark of a true couple that is on the same wavelength.

A couple that will be strong together and truly complement each other in Islam is that which respects the other’s feelings, cares for their opinions different from theirs, and shows wisdom in their relationship. A couple who makes each other laugh and loves each other is the couple that truly complements each other. The Prophet (PBUH) once told Jabir "Marry someone who makes you laugh and you make her laugh".

So when Allah asks us to complement each other in our marriages He does not only mean to have similar physical attributes, but also to take care of each other physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Only then will the marriage truly show as a great one!