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Posted on 2/28/2018 in Relationship
Daily Doses of Love in Marriage

Daily Doses of Love in Marriage - NikahExplorer

Muslims come together in marriage to spend their lives together in peace, harmony, compromise and most importantly love. However, many times, this love aspect of marriage gets compromised in the daily routines of the lives of Muslim husbands and wives. They find themselves dealing with their partners more than loving them. Sometimes disliking them and sometimes downright being miserable with them. This is because daily lives and the work involved in making sure it’s balanced involves a lot of back and forth and husbands and wives forget that they need to inject daily doses of love in the marriage too.

What do daily doses of love in marriage mean? It means that you should ensure that you portray your love, respect, compassion and kindness to your husband or wife every single day, even if it is as simple as waving at them excitedly or giving them a flying kiss randomly. If your spouse receives gestures of love like these every day then there is greater likelihood of your marriage being successful and healthy. Because then what you are doing is making sure that with the daily hectic routine, there is also that one does of love your spouse is looking forward to and that you are looking forward to in return.

That is why days like Valentines Day do not have importance in Islam because days like these give you the idea that love can only be portrayed between spouses on a single day. This technique will damage your marriage and cease for it to be healthy. Imagine just showing your love to your spouse a single day of the year and getting Allah’s blessings in return just that single day? Do we think we can live like that? Should not we be getting Allah’s blessings every single day? That would mean loving and nurturing our relationship daily as opposed to a single day, wouldn’t it?

So let’s make it a habit to bless our marriage with daily doses of love and romance rather than just once a year and ensure that we receive the blessings and rewards of Allah every day of the year too IA.