Blog Displaying Love for your Spouse in Public
Posted on 1/22/2018 in Marriage
Displaying Love for your Spouse in Public

Displaying Love for your Spouse in Public - NikahExplorer

In Islam displaying love for your spouse within the confines of haya is acceptable and even encouraged. We as Muslims should show that we love our spouses in the confines of our own house as well as in public. Doing so increases the love between a couple as they strive to go ahead with their relationship. There is a tradition of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that when a husband looks at his wife with love, Allah looks at both of them with mercy.Allah loves it when Muslim spouses display love to each other and His blessings are ever ready when that happens.

Although it is encouraged to show love for your spouse in public, we must also remember that the evil eye is real and excessive display of love in public, be it physically or on social media platforms invites the shaitaan towards casting an evilness towards it. We must therefore refrain from publicizing our love for our spouses excessively.

However, there are many Muslim couples, husbands or wives, who do not show love to their spouses because they feel embarrassed to do so. They think it may be shameful or embarrassing to admit that they love their spouse. This should not be done at all infact such an attitude angers Allah. Muslim husbands and wives must remember the example of our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and that when used to be asked in a group of people that who does he love the most, his answer would be “Ayesha” his wife. Such was the level of comfort and love between him and his wife that he had no hesitation or embarrassment in accepting that she was so important in his life.

So we should remember that telling your spouse you love them in public is not a matter of shame. It is not unbefitting to a man or a woman to do so. Because proclaiming your love for your spouse is a Sunnah and a sunnah can and should never be embarrassing. Let’s all purify our hearts towards the Sunnah of the Prophet and proclaim and show our love for our spouses, getting the reward of Allah in return. Ameen.