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Posted on 2/23/2017 in Relationship
Distance in Marriage

Distance in Marriage - NikahExplorer

It is not encouraged in Islam to have distance in marriage; that is the physical distance between a husband and a wife as Allah has asked all Muslim men and Women who are married to live “together”. The word “together” is crucial because it forms the foundation of a happy, prosperous and healthy marriage. So Muslim husbands and wives must live with each other physically as well as emotionally as far as it is possible.

However, if due to unavoidable circumstances it is not possible for the husband to live with the wife for long periods of time, perhaps because of the husband having a job in another city or the wife not having her complete documents ready allowing her to move to another country her husband resides in, Islam has given us a guideline on how to tackle the situation.

The Muslim husband and wife should have complete and utter trust in each other. That is the cornerstone for a successful long distance marriage. Trust, trust and more trust. They must never let doubt enter their mind about the loyalty of their husband or wife and should know that it is the shaitaan that is playing with them. The only way to not let negative thoughts from entering your mind is to increase communication with your spouse.

¬†Fortunately, in today’s day and age it has become very easy to have communication due to the advances in technology. So use them. Send your spouse pictures of yourself, tell them about your day on whatsapp and have a video conference with them on Skype. Send small videos of yourself, maybe telling them a joke or imitating someone. Make it fun and make it funny. Remember that the distance between you is just Allah’s way of testing your sacrifice and patience in honouring such a sacred relationship. Sure, there will be times when you will miss the physical closeness so much you will want to cry, but it can make you keep going that the day will come when you will see and hug your spouse.

Another really good way to not let the distance get to you is to plan a surprise visit to your spouse. Or better yet plan trips to other locations together. The entire planning a vacation process is itself a lot of fun and you are sure to have a great time leading up to the time you actually spend with your husband or wife. If a vacation is not possible you may send small gifts to your husband or wife, which again, has been made extremely easy considering the advances in technology. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) encouraged husbands and wives giving presents to one another saying "Exchange gifts as that will increase your love towards one another."

So there are a lot of ways to reduce the distance between spouses even when they are distanced. The most important way is to pray to Allah to bless your marriage inspite of the challenges it is facing and Allah will help you reunite with your spouse IA.