Blog Does your marriage have the evil eye?
Posted on 2/2/2017 in Marriage
Does your marriage have the evil eye?

Does your marriage have the evil eye? - NikahExplorer

Where there is good in this world there is also evil and where there are people who are sincerely happy at others success there are also people who are jealous of it. When people are jealous or resentful towards the happiness of someone it results in the evil eye playing its part (though ofcourse this does not always happen). There is great truth in the evil eye and we must remember that it exists at all times. Many relationships are affected by the evil eye but the relationship which is the most vulnerable to the evil eye is the relationship of marriage.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) is known to relate the concept of evil eye in the simplest of terms saying “The evil eye is real”. Hence we must be extra careful of making sure we don’t make our relationship a target for it.

In our society there is a growing trend of using social media to tell our friends list all about our life through pictures that can be uploaded. We put up images of our latest romantic vacation on the top of Eiffel tower, we share the news of soon welcoming our first baby as a status update, and we share videos of marriage anniversary celebrations. This is the perfect recipe for the evil eye to affect your marriage.

Why? Because when you upload all those happy status updates, pictures and videos on facebook (knowing full well that your life is not as happy as you portray it to be) you are rubbing into the faces of your 200+ friends list  (out of which atleast 20 would be struggling to have a baby, 40 would be struggling to find a nice life partner to travel the world with, and 30 would have just gone through a divorce while you celebrated your anniversary) that you have EVERYTHING and they don’t. Obviously that is not the case as Allah has Himself promised in the Quran “With hardship comes ease” so no hardship will last long.

So it comes down to our egos. Our need to show that we are “happily married” as the term goes and that we are living “happily ever after” like a fairytale.  We must remember that even though it was the sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH) to shower love on his wives publicly, we must remember that being excessively showy about your marriage might do harm from the evil eye.  Love your spouse, compliment them in front of friends but try not to go too overboard. Remember what the Prophet (PBUH) told us, the evil eye is real.