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Posted on 3/2/2017 in Marriage
Double Standards in Islamic Marriage

Double Standards in Islamic Marriage - NikahExplorer

They say relationships are a two-way street. If you’re going to be nice you expect niceness in return. Marriage is a relationship that is no different. As a matter of fact Allah has told us that in Muslim Marriages, the husband and wife are to be kind, merciful and loving to each other. And this is a two way street, not one. So there is no place for double standards in marriage. You cannot expect your husband or wife to be amazingly loving and understanding while showing them none of it yourself.

Allah has said in the Quran about the two way relationship in marriage that “They (your wives) are your garment and you are a garment for them" (Noble Quran 2:187)” This verse of the Quran does not only mean that only one of the spouse has this responsibility, infact it is both the husband and the wife who must be loving and protect each other as Allah has mentioned both.

Double standards in marriage are not appreciated by Allah in marriages at all. Many times wives spend the entire day complain about their husbands to their friends and then expect their husbands to be nice to them. Well it’s a two-way street. You should treat your spouse the way you expect to be treated.

A very good example of this is the husband and wife making time for each other. If the wife complains of the husband not making enough time for her, then she must also not be busy with home chores and children when he is home and actually does have time for her. Same goes for husbands complaining about their wives. A husband must not criticize his wife’s cooking when he himself does not lift a single finger to help her work in the kitchen.

These are the double standards in marriage that Allah has warned us about and we must stay away from them if we want to bless our marriage and keep it away from the evil eye of the shaitaan. We must love our spouse the way Allah loves us and we must show them mercy and care the way Allah shows us mercy and care. Let’s remove double standards from our marriage and treat our Muslim life partners the way we ourselves would like to be treated.