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Posted on 2/20/2017 in Relationship
Dress up for your Spouse in Islam

Dress up for your Spouse in Islam - NikahExplorer

In Islamic marriages men and women are garments of each other as mentioned by Allah in the Holy Quran. When Allah refers to them as garments he not only means they are each other’s protectors but also the ones who are supposed to make each other happy, keep each other’s secrets and maintain each other’s dignity. With that respect and love for your spouse it is essential to take their wishes into consideration in the relationship and this should be a two way street.

Husbands and wives should make it a point to appear presentable in front of each other at all times. Lots of couples, after a few years of getting married, get familiar and comfortable in the husband’s or wife’s surroundings and hence appear to be shabby and disheveled in front of them. While Allah is happy with the comfort level that spouses have for each other, it does not do much good to be shabby and not presentable in front of your husband or wife who will soon notice the unpleasant appearance.

It is one of the duties of Islam to please your husband and wife at all times and if the duties are not being fulfilled then the marriage will not receive Allah’s blessings. Many a times men and women dress up to go to parties, to go to work and to attend fancy dinners and lunches. This dressing up is done for complete strangers while they look disheveled at home in front of their spouses, the people that they are actually supposed to please to gain Allah’s blessings and rewards. Such Muslim men and women should understand that it is not the hundreds of people at a party that matter but the one person living with you walking by your side that matters.

So dress up for them.  Dress up no matter how late in the night it is and all you want to do is wear your pajamas. Dress up for your wife no matter how tired you’re back from work. Apply perfume, Use a shower gel. Wear clean clothes. Dress up and look nice for your husband or wife. Hazrat Ayesha (RA) used to wear fancy clothes and jewellery every day just to please the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and he did the same in return. He used to brush his teeth with miswak and wear clean clothes when he returned so that he would look pleasing to the eyes of his wives. He also used to apply sweet smells. 

So take a leaf out of their book. Know that one of the ways to rekindle your marriage is to show your husband that side of yourself which he saw perhaps months or even years ago. Dressing up solely for the purpose of pleasing your husband or wife will send down tremendous blessings of Allah upon your relationship. And what does it take to get them? Just a shower and nice perfume before 6:00 PM strikes and your husband is home? Or just new clothes and a trimmed beard early in the morning before you go to work for your wife? Just little things.