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Posted on 2/16/2018 in Marriage
Education in Marriage

Education in Marriage - NikahExplorer

Allah has asked us to marry a good Muslim and has asked us to follow certain criteria while doing so. The most important criteria that needs to be followed is to have faith in Allah. Other than that a Muslim is to look at the status, beauty and wealth of the person. Once the Muslim man or woman is satisfied with all these points they are encouraged to get married in Islam and not to delay.

However, in society today, a lot of emphasis is given to other material factors in getting married and not what Allah has asked us to look at. Education is one such factor that people look at when they are looking for a wife or husband. However, even education is a secondary point and is not encouraged to be looked at in Islam. That is because Allah knows that while education can groom a person and make them live in this temporary world and earn in it, it cannot guarantee that the person is a good human being, following the path of Allah.

A well learned man with a good degree is not necessarily a good husband. In the same way a well-educated woman is not necessarily a good home-maker. A degree may be able to guarantee that the person earns well but it does not mean that the person will lead a successful marriage. For example, a surgeon or a doctor may do great operations and save many lives in the hospital but he may also be abusing his wife when he goes home. In the same way, an educated woman can be a great Marketing Manager in an FMCG but she may an ignorant wife.

So all parents, sisters and brothers, do not look for education as a standard of marriage. Look at the qualities of a person as that standard. Look at their personality, their kindness, their support and their loyalty. May Allah give us all such spouses and enable us to look for the right ingredient in them whilst choosing them. Ameen.