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Posted on 1/5/2017 in Muslim Marriage
Encouragement for spouses in Marriage

Encouragement for spouses in Marriage - NikahExplorer

There is a very famous tradition of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) that is the perfect example of a spouse providing encouragement to the other. That tradition is this? “She believed in me when the whole world refuted me and she attested to my veracity when the whole world accused me of falsehood. She offered me compassion and loyalty with her wealth when everyone else had forsaken me.” These words of the Prophet (PBUH) were spoken by his wife Hazrat Khadija and to this day remain a foundation for all the relationships of Muslim marriages that have occurred. Encouragement and Courage. These are the cornerstones of a great marriage and what better example to follow than the Prophet (PBUH) and his wife Hazrat Khadija’s.

When Allah asked all Muslim couples to live in love and harmony He did not only mean that they should only shower love to each other but also to show trust and encouragement in each other. When NOONE believed in the Holy Prophet, Hazrat Khadija came forward and became the first woman to embrace Islam. Why? Because she trusted her husband Prophet (PBUH) and wanted to encourage him in his quest. She wanted him to believe that he was not alone in fulfilling Allah’s wishes of spreading Islam. It was her encouragement in him that brought about confidence in him and he set out to spread the world of Allah. Our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) became courageous and that was the most essential attribute to have if her were to follow Allah’s commands.

That is why a good relationship between a husband and a wife should encompass encouragement. Because from encouragement comes trust and from trust comes courage and confidence. An everyday example is enough to understand this. If a husband has trouble believing that he can complete a presentation by the next morning and the wife comes to him with a cup of tea, holds his hand and tells him he can do it, that automatically instills encouragement in them and he gets the strength to complete his task. If your wife, as a mother of three children, starts crying being overwhelmed by her kids worrying her and her husband comes up to her and puts two of those kids to sleep, she automatically gets the strength to muster the duties the next day. So along with love the attributes of placing encouragement and trust in your spouses is also most essential in making your marriages a success IA.