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Posted on 10/25/2018 in Marriage
Envying Marriages in Islam

Envying Marriages in Islam - NikahExplorer

Marriages are made up of lots of elements. It is one of the most loved relationships in the eyes of Allah yet it is one of the most challenging ones for all Muslim couples. Apart from all the routine personality differences with your spouse that you have to take care of along with the responsibilities of a family, what couples also need to take care of is external factors. One of these external factors that make marriages challenging is envy.

Envy is one of those factors that married couples do not give much importance to. In today’s modern day and age, there is great exposure of people’s lives through social media. Many happy couples post about their exotic vacations with their spouses, their birthday celebrations, how their husbands gave them a diamond ring and the list goes on. Whereas it is a Sunnah to display love for your spouse publically, what many Muslim couples forget is that the evil eye is real.

People who are at the receiving end of your social media posts will only see the happy posts and celebrations you post about and have feelings of envy. They will not see the financial troubles you are going through in not being able to pay your kid’s fees. They will see your life as perfect (when theirs is not) and that will result in the evil eye.

Envying other’s marriages is an extremely negative thing to feel. That is because what you see on social media, or what your friend tells you about her how amazing her husband is in group chats , is not actually real. All marriages have challenges , same as the life you are leading. There is not one single person in this world that Allah has not tested, be it in any relationship. All marriages are different. Some are exciting, some are boring, some are content, some are compromising. But NONE of them are perfect. So envying another’s marriage is the most toxic thing you can do to yourself and your spouse. Every relationship needs patience, tolerance and compromise and marriage is one of them. You just need to find the right balance and be content with the moments of happiness that Allah has blessed you and your spouse with. Work with your spouse as a team and you will hold their hand and move with them to paradise; no envy, no negativity accompanying you.