Blog Facing Human Errors whilst married in Islam
Posted on 1/30/2017 in Relationship
Facing Human Errors whilst married in Islam

Facing Human Errors whilst married in Islam - NikahExplorer

Along with ‘love and mercy’ and being each other’s garments in marriage in Islam, Allah has also asked us to have patience and compromise and forgive each other’s faults and mistakes. The last three attributes mentioned are important because by saying this Allah has told us that He accepts that we are human and that we will make mistakes in our life. And just like Allah forgives us for our gravest mistakes, again and again, in the same way we should also learn to forgive. And for a relationship like marriage, forgiveness should come always, whether it is early or late, it should be there.

Remember that you are not marrying an angel. You are not marrying a robot (which incidentally is made by a human). You are marrying a human being. Your spouse is not perfect and never will be. Again, its because you are marrying a human being. A being that makes mistakes. A being that is not perfect. Not in this world atleast. So keep in mind that in Islam Allah allows us to make mistakes in the same way He asks us to ask Him for forgiveness. So when we can ask Allah for forgiveness, can we not have it in our hearts to forgive as well? If your spouse makes mistakes, do you for even one moment feel that you don’t? Ofcourse you do! Maybe even more than your spouse in the eyes of Allah.

So be prepared and ready. Be prepared that you will make mistakes and be ready that your spouse will be a disappointment. Relax. It’s OK. You’re human. And you can face these human errors because Allah has said you can. You can and you will forgive. You will let things go and you will focus on being a better Muslim. Not a perfect Human. But a better Muslim.

Another way to face human mistakes in marriage is NOT to bring them up. At all. Mistakes in the past should remain in the past. Bringing them up in the present will only make matters worse and could be a reason for an end of marriage. Don’t let it be. Don’t ruin a marriage over a human error. You and your spouse are worth more than that. Give your marriage a second chance no matter how grave the mistake is. Remember, once again, that you have married a Human Being.