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Posted on 7/24/2018 in Muslim Marriage
Fairytale Marriage

Fairytale Marriage - NikahExplorer

Marriages in Islam are meant to be one of the most important and worked on relationships and the husband and wife have a great responsibility to make that happen. However, in our society, because of the exposure to media, Hollywood and Bollywood movies, we have come about to believe that marriages are made of fairytales. This is the wrong approach as we then learn to believe that marriage and love and togetherness is about perfection.

It is not about perfection. When Allah created this relationship and asked us to follow it, He did not expect us to be flawless in it. Allah knows that marriages have their side of good and bad days. That is why He asked us in the Quran that along with love there should be patience, along with respect there should be compromise. These are the factors that make up a good marriage.

Allah doesn’t expect our marriage to be like a story book written by humans. He Himself has written our story. He wants us to just follow his commandments and try our best to be on the right path. Even Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) did not have flawless days in his marriage. But he did follow what Allah had set out for us in the Quran. If ever he used to get angry with his wives he would become quiet and try to control his anger. He would never fight. He would show patience. Same was followed with his wives too.

If Holy Prophet (PBUH) did not expect his marriage to be a fairytale then why must we? Marriages need a lot of hard work because two completely different people come together and start living together. They will have clashes, that is given. But it is the way the clashes are handled that makes all the difference. At every step marriage requires work in progress. Working, working and keep working. Every hour, every day and for the entire life. Not for nothing has Allah proclaimed it one of the most important relationships for mankind. So keep working towards it, compromising, being patient, being loving and being giving. And IA you and your spouse will meet in Jannah.