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Posted on 3/9/2017 in Marriage
Family Vs Marriage

Family Vs Marriage - NikahExplorer

Family is very important in Islam. So is the relationship of marriage. Infact marriage is what makes families. Yet the irony of the whole situation is that people in our society give their spouses greater importance than their families, the ones they grew up with. In Islam we are strictly asked to keep a balance between family members and your spouse (who ofcourse is a family member too). For simplicity sake let’s call the family members inlaws.

A girl who is living with her in-laws i.e: her parent’s family must remember that it is now her family too, even though she does not share the same bloodline. However, having said that, in islam it is not incumbent upon the married woman to take care of her in-laws, cook for them, clean their house or any other chores. Infact it is not even required of the girl to do so for her own husband. She will get a reward for doing so out of the beauty of her heart but it is NOT required of her. However, she must and she should treat the family of the husband with kindness and respect and that is what constitutes her in thinking of them as her family.

The same rule applies for the husband in the relationship. He must honour and respect the family of the girl and help them in need. Again, he is not required to provide for them materially but he should give them the respect that they deserve.

In terms of family versus marriage, never ever ask your spouse to choose between their family and yourself. It is not a fair decision option and must never been given to either the girl or the boy. Choosing between one is giving the shaitaan the passport to ruin families and it is simply forbidden in Islam. Shaitaan hates it when families are happy and particularly hates it when married Muslim couples are happy and does his utmost to break up families. 

If you ask your husband or your wife to choose between their family and yourself you are very simply doing the work of the shaitaan for him. And you surely do not want that. Stay away from the shaitaan and move towards Allah in praying and asking Him ;alone for a solution to your family troubles. Things can and things will work out. Remember that Allah CAN and he WILL intervene, if only you are close to Him and ASK. May Allah bless our marriage and may we live happily ever after