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Posted on 2/20/2016 in Muslim Marriage
Focus and Commitment in Muslim Marriages

Focus and Commitment in Muslim Marriages - NikahExplorer

Marriages in Islam are considered not only a contract between the husband and the wife but also a relationship between the two which should have focus and commitment in it. Both focus and commitment are two separate terms and are equally important in keeping the marriage running apart from love, understanding and peace that is prescribed by Allah in marriage in the Quran.

Allah has asked us to focus and concentrate on keeping our marriage intact. The way to do that is to shun all thoe activities that will take you further away from your spouse. This includes not staying out late with friends while your better half waits at home, not playing an active role in the well being of your children, not respecting your spouse, not obeying , not compromising and finally not being loyal and faithful. If a husband or a wife indulges in all the above activities that means that shaitan has infiltrated their minds and is taking them to the path of destruction of marriage. So ask yourself? Is this what you want? Focus and think of the consequences. Are you willing to give up the sacred relationship that you entered on your OWN will just to commit adultery?

Most people consider it normal and humane when focus in marriages wanes as the years pass. This is the wrong approach. Remember that the way you gazed into your spouse’s eyes on the day you got married you can still gaze in that way. You are the same, your eyes are the same and your spouse is the same. So focus and gaze in those eyes. Focus not only on the love you share but the common responsibilities you have and the goals you have for your children. Achieve them together and see yourself and your family succeed.  That is the way to focus. And if you still cannot seem to have that focus, then by all means separate from your spouse as Allah has prescribed that for you as well.

But if you think you CAN save your marriage then commit yourself to your marriage. When Allah created Adam Aleh Salam, he did not create him alone. He created him in a pair, with Bibi Amna. He gave him a wife. That was commitment in marriage. That was focus. So commit yourself to the promise that you will be there for each other your entire life and will be a source of comfort both physically, financially and emotionally for your spouse. The right combination of focus and commitment can save your marriage so embrace it. What is your perfect combination?