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Posted on 2/20/2016 in Muslim Marriage
Forced Marriages, Not Islamic

Forced Marriages, Not Islamic - NikahExplorer

A lot has been said about the issue of forced marriages in Islam, most of it which comes from societal norms of the subcontinent in particular that say that it is acceptable to marry a woman to a man forcefully or vice versa. However, due to this societal norm only, the forcefully marrying is more common with women than men. Islam has made it clear that forced marriages are not allowed AT ALL, be it for a woman or for a man.

In Islam marriage is a “contract”. Even a layman knows that a contract is a binding in which BOTH the parties agree to carry out a certain task. Both the parties should be of sound mind and legally accountable for their actions and intentions. Marriage in Islam is a similar contract except that it is made for the rest of the life, and if you’re lucky, for the Hereafter as well!  Allah has hence mentioned in the Quran that a marriage is a contract wherein the husband and wife live together in peace and harmony, create offspring, raise them and build generations of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Can all this be done forcefully? Can all this be done without the consent of even one of the 2 parties? Will the couple who was forced to marry ever live in peace and harmony? Not at all!  There will be bitterness and disagreement and the relationship may well end in a messy divorce. That is exactly the reason that forced marriages are forbidden in Islam.

The problem with this generation’s Muslims is that they have lived with the people of other religions for too long. Hence their ancestors had adopted some of their sinful practices which included girls being buried alive at birth because they were considered a burden (Allah has proclaimed the birth of a girl a blessing!) , and girls getting forcefully married (no doubt to get rid of the burden soon). Such practices that were picked up from other cultures and beliefs have been strictly shunned by Allah and his Prophet (PBUH) with Allah mentioning continuously in the Quran that those who do not give the women their rights will be punished. We need to completely erase the mindset of the historical cultures that we lived in because certainly they were not Islamic.

A very good example of forced marriages being completely unacceptable in Islam is a tradition of the Prophet (PBUH). Once a woman came to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and told him that she had been married forcefully and what should she do. The Prophet (PBUH) had at that instant declared her marriage void.  That is the power of agreement for Muslim marriages. Hence we must make sure that we are in complete agreement of the contract of marriage when we are to marry and even for the marriage of our children we should not force them to marry a certain person. May Allah guide us all to the right path.