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Posted on 4/23/2017 in Relationship
Greetings for Spouses

Greetings for Spouses - NikahExplorer

Allah has asked us to greet all the people we have a relationship with and since marriage is one of the most important ones in the eyes of Allah, we should take special care to do so every day that we live with them. However, very often we forget to greet our spouses with salaam and take them for granted when they enter or leave the vicinity.

There is a tradition of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) on the importance of greeting and salutation to Muslims. Ibn Hibbaan narrated from ‘Abd-Allaah ibn ‘Umar that a man asked the Messenger of Allah (PBUH): “What is the best thing in Islam?” He said, “Feeding others and giving the greeting of salaam to those whom you know and those whom you do not know.”

When The Prophet PBUH has placed such high importance to greet Muslims with salaam even when we don’t know them, then how much would the importance of greeting our spouse be? Allah has told us that we are to live with our spouses in love and patience. What better way to increase the love between a husband and a wife than by sending them Allah’s blessings as soon as you see them? Do not take your spouse for granted just because you see them everyday. Look up from those vegetables that you are cutting and say salaam when your husband enters. Look up from that presentation you are preparing for work and say salam to your wife when she enters after putting a tiresome kid to sleep. Saying salaam also opens to more ways of expressing love and affection for your spouse as they not only say the words but also go upto hug them, and maybe even give a peck on their cheek.

Giving spouses their due value is very important in Islam and Allah has encouraged it to a great extent. It is the best way for a healthy marriage and we must embrace it. Indeed sending the blessings of Allah to the one you love is a great foundation for a successful marriage because it builds on the value you give to your better half.