Blog Halal or Haraam Love Story-Which One will you choose?
Posted on 2/20/2017 in Relationship
Halal or Haraam Love Story-Which One will you choose?

Halal or Haraam Love Story-Which One will you choose? - NikahExplorer

Marriage is indeed a love story, a one that starts at nikah, the contract that solemnizes the bond between a man and woman to live together, have offspring and contribute to the faith that Allah has prescribed upon us, Islam. Yes marriage is a beautiful love story but do most of us believe so?

In Islam, marriage has been given a great deal of importance and is the basis of the emotion of love between a man and a woman. Allah has asked us to commit and solemnize a marriage contract to live together and that contact is called the halal way. So a halal love story begins at marriage and continues from there. This is in strict contrast to the haram love story, which has no contract but the emotions of so called love (read: lust) in it. Such a relationship has received the wrath of Allah as he has mentioned in the Quran to “stay away” from it at all costs.

So which would you choose? A halal love story with marriage or a haram love story with no name? We must choose the halal love story if we are to receive the rewards and blessings of Allah. Allah has mentioned in the Quran that he has made his creation “in pairs”. That obviously means you are made in this world with your better half just around the corner. So why would you want to create a haram love story when a halal one has already been written for you by the Almighty, the most Perfect of all Planners.

Why would you want to risk taking a “girlfriend” or a “boyfriend” when Allah has already ordained a “husband” for you? You’re not worth a relationship as this to gain the displeasure of Allah are you? No. You are better than this. Your relationship status is not “complicated” as many people turn out it to be on social media. It is either “married” or “not married”. If you’re married you’re part of a halal love story and if you’re not married you can choose to finally be in a halal one or stay away from a haram-no-name relationship. Under no circumstances are you to justify such a relationship because indeed it will have no justification in front of Allah on the day of Judgment.

Be smart about your Hereafter folks. Don’t enter into a haram relationship with the hope that one day you will make it halal, maybe when you have a better job, when you grow older, when you finish studies etc. Because such a relationship will minus the blessings from that halal relationship that you “might” have in the future. Plus who has even promised that you will HAVE a future. Death is uncertain. Don’t leave this world doing the haram in the hope that you will stop when you grow older. Older might never come. So choose the halal love story for yourself and be safe in this world and IA seal the Hereafter.

Don't create a Haram love story when a Halal love story has already been written for you by Allah. You're worth more than being someone's "girlfriend" or "boyfriend." Either your married or you are not. Don't glorify haram relationships.