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Posted on 2/20/2016 in Marriage
Hastiness in Marriage

Hastiness in Marriage - NikahExplorer

There is a tradition of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that encourages believing men and women to get married if they can afford it. Another tradition of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) says that “Marriage completes half your faith so let Allah ask you about the remaining half”. That’s how much marriage matters in ISLAM! That carrying out your marital duties perfectly and with due diligence will make you achieve half of your faith and hence half of jannah. That is why in Islam we are encouraged to marry young.

However, Allah and his Prophet (PBUH) have strictly asked us not to marry is hastiness. Hastiness in marriage means getting married before you are ready, be it financially, emotionally or practically. There are a lot of different reasons for hastiness in marriages that we see in our society today and it is our responsibility to not only refrain from them ourselves but also give proper advice to those who are carrying out the sacred institution of marriage.

Mostly the reason for people to get married in a hurry is because of parental pressure and societal pressure. Whereas the say of the parents is important in Islam, Allah and his apostle (PBUH) has strictly asked us not to give our daughters hands in forced marriage.  Once a woman who has been forcefully married came to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) asking for advice and he went to the extent of telling her that her marriage was void if she had no say in it. There is no place for societal pressures when Islam comes in. Hence, just because so and so aunty at some random wedding commented that your daughter is ageing and still not married should not be a reason for you to haste in your child’s marriage.

Marriage is an institution that should be entered in with love and care. It is not a shopping spree where you can be impulsive. Allah has asked us to enter into it after giving a lot of thought and maturity. Do not get married because today you feel after today you will not receive any more proposals (even though you dislike the proposed guy now) but marry if and WHEN you feel a level of comfort in the deed.

For men, the same goes true. Marry when you feel you are ready and can handle the responsibility of a wife and child. Don’t enter into this considerable duty with haste. Ponder over it, find a suitable match who follows the deen and THEN marry.

So don’t show haste. Show intelligence, faith and maturity in your decision. Make your inner self FEEL that you are on the path to complete half your faith. And have a successful married life In Shaa Allah!