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Posted on 2/23/2017 in Relationship
Have Fun with your Spouse

Have Fun with your Spouse - NikahExplorer

Sure, Muslim Marriage is a serious business, a relationship you invest in with all the strength and hardwork you could muster, because let’s face it, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) called it half our faith and Allah considers it as one of the most important relationships of mankind. So yes it is serious business. But no one said Muslim marriage couldn’t be fun too. Of the most successful marriages are those in which the couple gives as much importance to fun elements in marriage than the seriousness of the whole deal. And YES it is encouraged in Islam.

Having fun, chilling, relaxing, checking out the lighter side of our spouse is all encouraged in Islam because it is the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH). It is loved by Allah that the husband and wife take time out for each other to have the fun that could involve even the playing of silly games.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) was very particular about spending fun moments with his wives along with the seriousness of the relationship. He used to play racing games with Aisha ( R) and when she would win, he would make her eat lots of food in the days to follow for her to gain weight (in a good healthy way ofcourse!) and then beat her at the race.

 Such light hearted moments between the Muslim husband and wife diffuse the difficulties and tensions in the relationships and Allah has encouraged them for He knows that the relationship of marriage is not an easy one. Efforts are required from both sides to make the journey enjoyable, just like your favourite game.

And when the games are played and they become a source or laughter or joy for the Muslim husband and wife, Allah looks at the couple with mercy and forgives their sins and opens the doors of Paradise for them. So along with the responsibilities, burdens and duties that marriage brings we must ensure that we spend quality time with our spouses having fun too. Not only will it make you an amazing person in the eyes of your spouse, you yourself will love yourself more and work hard on the relationship.