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Posted on 2/28/2017 in Relationship
Helping your Spouse in Ramadan

Helping your Spouse in Ramadan - NikahExplorer

With Ramadan already well into the third ashra, many Muslims are trying to make the most of the blessed month and receive as many blessings out of it before it ends. This is the true spirit of Ramadan, to acknowledge that this is the month that can be the most useful to you in terms of bettering yourself and bettering your relationships. One such relationship that Muslims must work on during this month is the relationship of Marriage.

Marriage is an important union in the eyes of Allah even when it is not Ramadan. However, this particular month gives Muslim married couples the opportunity to work on their marriage and make it a prosperous one because of so many blessings that come down upon us. Working on your marriage involves a big part of helping your spouse in your marriage, in whatever way you can.

In Ramadan, our spiritual self is awakened as we spend more and more time praying to Allah and gathering as many blessings as we can. Our marriage is a relationship that benefits in this month too because the Muslim man or woman makes their spouse a part of these. When a Muslim man prays in Ramadan he is to ask his wife to pray along with him, thus helping her. When a Muslim woman makes iftari or sehr everyday for Ramadan, her husband is to help her prepare it. Both of them complement each other for such a great meal and thank each other for the help they received. This can automatically brighten up the day of the spouse as who doesn’t like to hear a compliment.

 This way not only are the husband and wife helping each other which increases the feelings of love and respect, they are also making their marriage a strong one automatically. They are helping each other in the blessed month to attain Jannah together and that is why the month of Ramadan is so very important for Muslim couples to realize the gaps in their relationships and work on them, help them achieve what is the best for their marriage and eventually help themselves towards the path to Paradise.