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Posted on 10/26/2020 in Education In Islam
How to take care of a pregnant wife

How to take care of a pregnant wife - NikahExplorer

Serving husband is compulsory for the wife; however this does not imply at all that he really does not pay close attention to the condition and requirements of the wife. It is possible to explore the issue further, as follows:

A time of fatigue and weakness is pregnancy. This is mentioned in the Holy Quran, wherein Allah says (understanding and interpretation):

“And We have commanded people to honor their parents. Their mothers bore them through hardship upon hardship, and their weaning takes two years. So be grateful to Me and your parents. To Me is the final return”. [31: 14]

While it is an obligation required by Islam to serve the husband, it is indeed limited to what the wife may do. Therefore, the husband is not allowed to overwhelm his wife with what she is unable to endure by juggling the burdens of life, operating outside the house and bearing children. Because pregnancy is a cause for waiving such duties, like fasting, and that it is more fitting that it should be a cause for the spouse to be obliged to take care of his wife and offer comfort for her to serve him and take care of the house.

Food during pregnancy

As per Imam as-Sadiq (AS), “The food of a fetus, is supplied by the nourishment that the mother gets” – (Bihar al-Anwar, vol 60, p 342) so this nutrient supplements are given by the spouse. During this delicate matter, it is not only a test for the wife alone, as well as for the husband as they will be going to give birth to their new generation.

Protection of women’s rights

• By obliging the father to provide food and clothes, Islam secured the rights of a woman as a child.

• By obliging the father to provide for her on the basis of general facts relating to the duty to provide for children, Islam secured the rights of a woman as a grown-up child.

• By exempting her from fasting while she is pregnant or breastfeeding, Islam has secured a woman's rights.

Pregnancy is a new beginning

For partners, pregnancy has always been exciting news. When they prepare for the bundle of happiness, it becomes the next stage of their married life. Nervousness frequently takes place in the pregnancy phase, in addition to excitement. If it is the first pregnancy or otherwise, loads of conflicting feelings, anxiety, excitement, apprehension, confusion, and so on are experienced by pregnant women.

What husband should do to take care of his pregnant wife?

A good husband should help ease the burden of household chores for his wife. Support her cook, for instance, and ask if there is something you can support with. If a husband does not feel that he should support his wife with housework, he should ask others to support her. It is the husband's obligation to always have a relaxing environment. To make her feel relaxed, touch her with affection, tenderness, and other things.

Besides, husband should also have comfortable accommodation or bed to make her feel comfortable. A husband should never skip any phase during pregnancy from the very first time before labor. It is important to remain by his side before the baby is born, until a husband has a very important job that cannot be ignored, and the wife understands his condition.

Thus, it is very important for a husband to take an equal part in efforts when he is about to become a parent because it is not the duty of woman to give birth. It is a happiness which both husband and wife should share and both should equally welcome the child in the world.