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Posted on 1/25/2017 in Relationship
Hurt and Forgiveness in Marriage

Hurt and Forgiveness in Marriage - NikahExplorer

All relationships have their ups and downs and with marriage the odds of those increases as the husband and life spend their lives with each other. This is not just a day, a week or a few months that we are talking about. Marriage is for lifetime and hence it is our duty to consider it as such; a bond for a lifetime. Allah has said about marriage that it is the most loved of all relationships and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) has said that anyone who can afford it should get married. With such a commitment in mind a husband and wife should remember that it will not be a smooth sailing and there will be times when you will be miserable and feel disillusioned and hurt.

Do not panic if you feel so. Remember that this life is not perfect because you were not made for this life. If all things were sailing smoothly, this would have been Jannah.  So KNOW that your spouse will hurt you and that you will hurt your spouse in random daily instances.  Hurting each other is human. These instances, though seem huge in the beginning, only help to make your relationship stronger. We must remember that apart from love and respect in marriage, Allah has also asked us to show compassion and forgiveness. So we must learn to forgive our spouse’s faults and go on to nurture our relationship.

Allah has said in the Quran: “He has put affection between their hearts. Had you spent all that is in the earth you could not have put affection between their hearts, but Allah put affection between them; verily He is mighty, wise.”(Surah Anfaal 8:63)

Allah has told us himself that he put compassion and love in our hearts, so much so that we can even forgive our worst enemy. Then imagine how much compassion we have in our heart to forgive ourselves. If the Holy Prophet (PBUH) can forgive the people who threw stones at him for preaching Islam, then we can certainly forgive our own better halves for example, talking rudely in the heat of the moment or not doing something they were expected to do

When you will remember that just like your spouse has shortcomings you have them too, then you will be more compassionate towards the thoughts of forgiving soon. And may Allah lead us all to the right path.