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Posted on 12/27/2017 in Marriage
In-laws role in Muslim Marriages

In-laws role in Muslim Marriages - NikahExplorer

The in-laws play a very important role in Muslim marriages. The role may not be very positive but it is certainly very important one and that is why the more that is said about it the more exposure it gains. In Islam the role of in-laws is just to the extent of respecting them and treating them with love. What does this mean? This means that the both the Muslim husband and the Muslim wife are not required to provide for their in-laws though ofcourse Islam never forbids to help them out, whether socially or financially.

Respect for the in-laws is extremely important as mentioned by me in another post as well. A girl who is living with her in-laws i.e: her parent’s family must remember that it is now her family too, even though she does not share the same bloodline. However it is not incumbent upon the married woman to take care of her in-laws, cook for them, and clean their house or any other chores. Infact it is not even required of the girl to do so for her own husband. She will get a reward for doing so out of the beauty of her heart but it is NOT required of her. However, she must and she should treat the family of the husband with kindness and respect and that is what constitutes her in thinking of them as her family.

The similar rule for in-laws applies to the husband as well. He must honour and respect the family of the girl and help them in need. Again, he is not required to provide for them materially but he should give them the respect that they deserve. In our society, however, the above is ignored and in-laws are unfair to their daughters or sons in law or in some cases even the reverse is true. This is one other reason why it is not encouraged in Islam to live with your in-laws. Living in separate houses not only keeps such family trouble to a minimum but also brings blessings of Allah to the house when a Muslim husband and wife live in it with harmony and do not have in-law issues day and night. Such issues are a clear sign for the shaitaan to do his work and ruin relationships. So Muslim brothers and sisters, if you are living with your daughter or son in law treat them with love and do not interfere in their private lives. And sisters and brothers who are living with their mother and fathers in law, treat them with kindness and respect and may Allah bless our marriages when we realize little things like these and implement them, Ameen.