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Posted on 9/6/2018 in Muslim Marriage
Intentions on Marriage and in Marriage

Intentions on Marriage and in Marriage - NikahExplorer

The intentions on marriage and the intentions in marriage are different from each other but are equally important in Islam. For all Muslims, the intentions they have on marriage should be good and pure and must show that they take this institute as a very important one and strive to enter in it with a pure heart.

In our society today, there is lack of proper intentions for marriage because of which we see many marriages fail. Many young Muslims enter marriage just as a formality, or for the sake of their parents pressurizing them or for the sake of peer pressure. However the real and true intention for entering into marriage should be for the pleasure of Allah and to walk into the footsteps of the greatest Prophet , Mohammad (PBUH) who set an example of togetherness and loyalty for us in all his marriages. Allah has proclaimed Muslim marriage as one of the most important relationships of the world and the union brings about His pleasure for both the husband and the wife. The Prophet PBUH said that “When a husband and a wife look at each other with love, Allah looks at both of them with mercy.” That is the importance of getting into the marriage. So why should our intentions be anything other than pleasing Allah in this way or getting his reward and mercy?

Once a Muslim husband and wife enter into marriage, once again their intentions should be to please Allah by striving to make it work. There will be challenges yes and bad days. But there will also be good days and pleasure. And so we should intend to focus on the good rather than the bad. Though separation of both husband and wife is allowed by Allah, but it is still something that gives Him great displeasure. So why reach that stage that makes Allah angry with us? We should compromise, have patience and give all that we have for our marriages with the intention of making it work. In our marriage we should have an intention to grow our families because Allah has asked us to. We should intend to fill into our marriage love, kindness and compassion because that is the path Allah has asked us to follow.

So our intentions for marriage and in marriage are closely connected to each other and connected to the pleasure of Allah and then eventually His reward and mercy. So let’s all work towards making our intentions pure about marriage and all goodness in our relationship will follow automatically.