Blog Is your marriage based on “Mutual Respect”?
Posted on 2/20/2017 in Relationship
Is your marriage based on “Mutual Respect”?

Is your marriage based on “Mutual Respect”? - NikahExplorer

How many of us have entered the relationship of marriage and understood fully what it constitutes? Many have! Do we realize this? Most often not. Allah has made the basis of marriage “love” but together with love Allah has decreed that there should be mutual respect between both partners as well. Respect and love is a cycle, each cannot be attained without the other. Love cannot come in a spouse until the respect them and a person will not respect their spouse till they love them.

So do you have mutual respect for each other? Notice here that the focus on the word is “mutual” which means two-way respect. Muslim marriages fail when only one of the spouse has respect for the other and the other doesn’t. Gradually this lack of respect results in the spouse to give up that respect for the other and the marriage crumbles automatically.

To have mutual respect in marriage one must understand that they are two sides of the coin. They are living together but just like heads and tails of the coin is different, so are the two individual people. Both the husband and wife in Islam have their own identities, their own likes and dislikes and their own opinions. To live together and portray that personality, voice that opinion and demonstrate your likes and dislikes to your spouse is, without a doubt, a challenging job.  However, the job becomes easy when you realize that you need to respect your spouse’s personality, opinions and likes.

Mutual respect involves respecting each other’s choices and remembering that your wife was your own choice and your husband was your own choice as well. The Holy Prophet said about respect and kindness to your spouse’s "Treat women well and be kind to them; they are your partners and committed helpers." The love that is attained as a result of respect is the most beautiful of all loves that can be got in marriage. Make sure you make it yours.