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Posted on 2/14/2018 in Relationship
Kindness to In-laws

Kindness to In-laws - NikahExplorer

Many Muslim marriages succeed or fail because of the following attribute of kindness. Some spouses have it for the other while others don’t. But kindness does not only refer to the kindness that husbands and wives show to each other rather in a Muslim marriage the spouses are required to show kindness to their spouse’s families as well. Allah has asked us to be kind to our mother-in-law and father-in-law in the same way we would like our husband to be kind to our own mother and father.

The topic of in-laws and the issues that are cased as a result of this relationship have become much talked about in our society. In-laws are either seen as villains or seen as people who are not be got along with. More often than not they are only seen as members of the family who create trouble. While this may be true in some cases it is important to note that a clap does not take place with one hand.

Husbands and wives should be respectful and kind to their spouse’s families and it is only through this attribute that the marriage will see a lot of difference. When the mother-in-law feels respected by her daughter-in-law she feels more secure in her relationship and place in the house. The daughter-in-law should be compassionate and kind to her mother-in-law, keeping in mind that she is the woman who raised the person you are spending the rest of your life with. In the same way the son-in-law should show kindness to his wife’s parents keeping in mind that they have entrusted their daughter to you for her whole life.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said about the attribute of kindness “Kindness is a mark of faith and whoever has no kindness has no faith.” Such is the importance of kindness in relationships and when it comes to such a volatile relationship as that with in-laws it is indeed required more than necessary. May Allah enable us all to be kind and peaceful people who are on the right path, Ameen.