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Posted on 4/17/2017 in Relationship
Let’s Hug Our Spouses!

Let’s Hug Our Spouses! - NikahExplorer

When a Muslim man and a Muslim woman get married they are allowed by Allah to love each other in the boundaries that He has set for them. This includes passionate displays of affection to them as well. However, Allah has also told us that “they are garments for you and you are garments for them.” This means that while Allah has allowed (infact encouraged) a Muslim man and wife to shower affection, both physical and spiritual, onto each other, passionate displays of affection are not to be done so in the public.

One act of showing love and affection towards your spouse is the act of hugging. Allah and his Prophet (PBUH) have encouraged Muslim husbands and wives to be physical when loving each other and hugging is one such act. Allah has put in all humans the power of touch; a touch of one human being to another almost always brightens their mood, makes them happy and brings about in them positive vibes. When people meet they shake each other’s hands, those are two people not only sending the blessings of Allah to each other but also feeling positive about the meeting. Even when two random strangers shake hands it creates a positive bond. Then why would the same not be true for couples who are married?

Many couples, after a few years or months, cease to hug or cuddle each other. This is very wrong and could have a negative impact on your relationship. A husband and wife should make it a routine to hug each other every day, the number of times the hugs occur is irrelevant. But they SHOULD hug. Not only does your spouse’s touch give you a sense of belonging towards them but also a sense of extreme safety and security.

When you’re both leaving for work at the beginning of the day hug each other and say good bye. Allah will automatically bring into your body the strength that you need to face the day. And when you both return home, hug each other once more and Allah will make the tiredness and stress disappear. And just before you fall asleep, hug your spouse again, and Allah will ensure you have amazing dreams of togetherness with your spouse.

So don’t stop hugging. Hugging gives energy, helps keep you alive and helps be honest with your spouse. Hugs also increase communication, even it is a non verbal one. The effect that a hug or a touch has on your Muslim spouse every day is just amazing. Try it and you will not be disappointed.