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Posted on 3/11/2017 in Relationship
Life Change versus Relationship Status Change

Life Change versus Relationship Status Change - NikahExplorer

So many brothers and sisters in our society are desperate to get married, get settled as they call it and begin a life that is different from the one they lived. Marriage is an awesome institution ofcourse and it is encouraged the most in Islam, but unfortunately many single men and women in our society only focus on getting to finally change their relationship.

There is a tradition of the Holy Prophet that says that “Marry a woman for her wealth, beauty and faith”. Such beautiful reasons of getting married and those that ensure that you have a complete balance on your Muslim marriage. However, many people want to rush the decision of marriage without careful consideration, nor the acceptance of Allah.

People have started focusing less and less on Allah’s will that is important in marriage and rather waste time focusing on how to save time by hurriedly tying the knot. In these circumstances often forced marriages become a norm which is highly unacceptable in Islam. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) has himself declared that marriage null that was entered into forcefully and the man and woman is allowed to leave the marriage without turning back.

Then why give a chance to have to go through all this. Allah has asked us to enter marriage with careful understanding, when we can afford it and when we have the maturity to manage relationships. A quick marriage just to change your relationship status will do just that. But a GREAT marriage will have the reasons of changing your LIFE, not just your relationship status. Changing your life for the better. And sure, there will be ups and downs in the relationship , but it will be a life, rather than just a status change on Social Media. Strive to live your marriage IA!