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Posted on 8/7/2018 in Muslim Marriage
Love and Disagreements in Marriage

Love and Disagreements in Marriage - NikahExplorer

Increasingly in the world we are seeing a rising trend of marriages failing and divorces occurring. There is great concern on why couples are choosing to separate from each other rather than work out their differences. What we all have forgotten is that marriage is not a relationship which you can just one fine day back out of. Marriage is an institution and requires a body of work for it to be successful. Though the television portrays marriage to be a fairy tale we must not fall in the trap of believing it because once we do that that is where the end of our marriage begins.

Expectations, expectations and more expectations. Every spouse has an expectation with the other and that is understood. And that is where the problem lies. BecauseĀ  Allah has asked us to have expectations only from Him, pray only to Him and ask only Him for whatever we want. When we fail to do that and expect our lives to be perfect, our husbands to be amazing, our wives to be obedient, we are setting a trap for ourselves which we may not come out from. And that is what results in failed marriages.

What we as couples need to understand is that with love come disagreements. And that is just fine. Differences and disagreements make a part of the relationship and help build it. Just because a husband and a wife disagree about some topic. does not give them the leverage to end the relationship that Allah Himself has asked us to celebrate. We must remember that our spouses are not only our life partners, but also our friends. Speak to them. Communicate with them. Remember there have been times when you saw eye to eye with them. Just consider this time one in which you didn’t and consider it normal.

Allah makes everything happen for a reason. That love that your spouse is showering on you is for a reason. And those disagreements therefore too, are for a reason, they help you see another perspective of your relationship and believe it or not, they make your relationship stronger, healthier and happier. So the next time you have a fight, don’t give up. Don’t walk out. Love each other. Work with each other and strengthen yourself and your relationship. May Allah make all our marriages work, Ameen.