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Posted on 1/22/2018 in Muslim Marriage
Love for your spouse

Love for your spouse - NikahExplorer

Loving your spouse and love for your Muslim spouse comes in many different ways. Love is an emotion that many people feel is complicated. It has the capacity to make you the happiest person in the world and it also has the capacity to break your heart into a million pieces.

That is why Allah has decreed that love be an emotion to be there within the limits and confines of marriage. When you limit your love to marriage rather than dating, and other unlawful relationships, it becomes a pure feeling and it becomes a decision that the Muslim spouse takes. That decision that you will be with each other in sickness and in health, in peace and tranquility, in affection and mercy as mentioned in the Quran.

Loving your spouse then entails loving them at their best days and their worst and loving them despite the heartaches and pain you get as a result. Your spouse will not always satisfy you, nor will you always be happy with the ways of your spouse. You may dislike him certain days of the week. But you will always love them despite the dislike. You will love your spouse despite the pain because that is a pure feeling that Allah has put into you as a result of your committed marriage.

Love for your spouse entails that you will work on the relationship through thick and thin, compromise with each other, and work on your future together and also be loved in return . And that you will sacrifice your egos in order to save your marriage. In order to save the relationship that Allah Himself blesses and loves so much. There is a reason that Allah dislikes divorce and that reason h as to do with the commitment of love. Allah has asked us to live with our spouses in affection and we should make certain we do so for the sake of Allah.