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Posted on 2/20/2016 in Muslim Marriage
Love for your Spouse’s family

Love for your Spouse’s family - NikahExplorer

Much is said in our society about the relationship of a man and a woman with their spouse’s respective families. More often than not, unfortunately, good things are not said about the relationships.  However, in Islam it is required to love your spouse’s family as you would love your own.

The term “in-laws” is a very sensitive term and is the cause of a lot of fights between the Muslim husband and wife themselves. Although it is understandable that troubles may arise as a result of the wife or husband’s family interfering in the couple’s daily lives, it is recommended to handle those issues with an open heart and lots of love.

Muslim husband and wife should understand that their spouse’s have lived a great part of their lives with their parents. So it is only natural for them to give their advice/opinions for the sake of welfare of their sons/daughters. It is the job of their respective married offspring to explain to them calmly that they are completely capable of handling their challenges in marriage.

They should also love and respect their in-laws a great deal because the only way to earn the respect of your spouse is to love his/her family. Also, loving your spouse’s family means that your children will also love and respect them and that gives rise to great bonds that will be going on for generations to come and more. When your children have been brought up in a way to love and respect their grandparents, it will reflect on their great teachings of Islam and its importance of family bonding.

Loving your spouse’s family means that even if disagreements may arise between you and them, you should not escalate matters my complaining to your spouse. You should handle it a sensitive way otherwise it may be a cause of disharmony between the family and Allah will angry with you for having done so. So honour, obey and love your husband and wife’s family and you will see arguments dissolve instantly and peaceful relations to come.