Blog Love with Marriage Versus Harmones with Dating
Posted on 3/1/2017 in Marriage
Love with Marriage Versus Harmones with Dating

Love with Marriage Versus Harmones with Dating - NikahExplorer

When Allah made us as humans and sent us into this world He put in us certain instincts and feelings that are essential to live. One of them is our harmones which change from time to time as we grow older. That is why Allah has prescribed marriage for all Muslims because He accepts that humans have a tough time controlling their sexual urges and harmones. By getting married, it becomes easier for Muslims to keep their harmones in balance and not go into the evilness of zina and adultery, which is a huge sin.

Discussing love that comes with marriage and lust that comes from dating is important because Muslims must know the difference between the two. Sure you may like someone and you may want to marry them but that does not mean that you go through incorrect ways (islamically) to do so. Flirting with someone and eventually dating someone in the hope of one day marrying them is as wrong as any other sin in Islam. That is because you are roaming around with the opposite sex without having the contract of marriage. That is not the way to do it. If you like someone, you approach their wali and marry them, not look for excuses to talk to them, flirt with them or date them.  Because this sort of behavior is your harmones taking, it is not love.

Real love comes with marriage, which is a binding contract of living together forever in all ease and hardship. Marriage is a relationship in which there is peace, togetherness, harmony and patience and compromise, which won’t go down the drain if your wife starts gaining weight or your husband stars getting bald. Marriage is a promise between 2 people to protect each other, be each others garments and that is what love is. When it doesn’t make a difference to you that your husband has started losing hair and has a bulging tummy,THAT is love. Do you honestly see yourself feel the same way with the man you’re just “dating”? No right? That’s because it is not love, it is your harmones.

So defeat your dating harmones and accept the blessing of Allah that is marriage because the love that comes with marriage is the true love, not the one that comes with dating (even if you seek to make it marriage one day!)