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Posted on 1/11/2017 in Relationship
Maintaining Marriage in Islam

Maintaining Marriage in Islam - NikahExplorer

Much has been said about the difference between a wedding and a marriage in Islam, people in our society focusing more on the former than the latter. No doubt the wedding plays an immensely important role in the lives of the man and woman but it is eventually the marriage which plays the prime one. And the most important part of a successful marriage is to maintain it.

Maintaining a marriage is not an easy task. When the boy and girl are planning their wedding there are bound to be disagreements and clashes of opinions while doing so and all this just so that ONE day can be perfect for each of them. JUST one day makes the boy and girl realize that they are two different people, and that is when it should hit them that that one day is going to lead to a lifetime of commitment and togetherness. Do we have it within us to maintain it? Can we do so?

All our efforts leading up to our wedding day, the food, the clothes, and the invitations would be useless if we could not make the institution of marriage work. To properly maintain your marriage we must remember the words of Allah spoken in the Quran about the blessed relationship and the traditions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) who says “Marriage is half your faith”. When he says “marriage” it does not mean that you would fulfill half your religion by just going through the rituals of that day alone! It means that for as long as you live you should maintain your marriage, offer your Muslim spouse their due rights, fulfill your due responsibilities to them and your children and leave together in “peace and harmony” as Allah has said in the Quran.

To maintain a marriage you both must let go of your prejudices and be open to new ideas, compromises, be willing to have patience, treat each other with love and respect, joke around with your spouses, face all hardships together and celebrate all milestones together. And most importantly be each other’s garments. Just remember that your commitment to marriage does not end as soon as you say “Qubool Hai”. You have NOT attained half your faith just by saying those words. But you will attain it by living them. Let your honeymoon period in your marriage never end. Maintain it and keep a balance in it and IA your marital life will have a smooth sail.