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Posted on 10/22/2018 in Nikah
Make your marriage happy

Make your marriage happy - NikahExplorer

Many single Muslims in this day and age fear that they will not be happy in their marriage once they enter the institution. The demands of today’s world will get to them and they will not be able to secure their relationship. This may be true for the challenges that today’s modern era has but it is up to us that no matter what the era, we make our marriages work.

Making marriage work and making them happy are two separate things. We may be able to make our marriages work but very few of us actually make an effort to make them happy and that is where the real challenge lies, not in today’s modern era. It is up to us. We are the ones who can make it happen.

Allah asked us to enter the relationship of marriage and give it the best that we can because that is the beginning of a lifetime of bonding and that is where not only families are created but generations are made. To make our marriages happy we must give it all that we can. This includes all the elements that we have heard of from our elders; patience, compromise, communication, love, peace and many more. But one of the most important elements to make your marriage a happy one is to understand your partner and not having the urge or need to change them. Also another great tip to make your marriage a happy one is to compliment each other (and mean it!)

Complimenting spouses is very easy and simple and literally takes just 10 seconds. 10 seconds and you’ve caused a smile on your partner’s face and a little motivation has come their way. Motivation that they are doing something right and the relationship is going in the right way. This is not only true for wives of course but husbands too, need that reassurance. That they are wanted and respected. Wives want the reassurance that they are loved and needed. Once the formula for that is understood, marriage automatically turn happy.

What makes marriages happy is also the ability and frequency of the husband and wife to joke with each other. When the husband and wife laugh a lot, that is not only healthy physically but also healthy for the relationship and contributes immensely to making your marriage a happy one. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) used to laugh and joke with his wives all the time and he also said that when a husband and wife smile at each other, Allah looks at them with love and mercy.

Remember, at the end of the day, making our marriages happy ones is in our own hands, sure there will be troubles and worries and stresses but that is what will make you grow as a couple and fight them off together. May Allah make all our marriages happy ones. Ameen.