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Posted on 8/7/2018 in Muslim Marriage
Make your Marriage Healthy

Make your Marriage Healthy - NikahExplorer

There are lots of things we can do to our marriages as Muslims to make them work out. We can try to make them happy marriages (which is the first thing we think of when we enter into this union), we try to make it a content marriage and we try to make it a successful marriage. But how many of us have ever thought to make our marriages healthy marriages? And what is the meaning of a healthy marriage in the eyes of Allah. A healthy marriage is the basis of all the things that we try to do for our marriage, like making it a happy one. But a happy marriage should not be our goal. A healthy marriage should be.

When Allah asks for our marriages to be healthy ones He does not expect them to be happy ones. He knows that we as humans are flawed and there will be points in our marriage when we will be miserable. But the definition of a healthy marriage is different. Just like a baby needs a lot of care, nutrients and nourishment to be a healthy baby, in the same way our marriage needs the same ingredients to be healthy. Just like your baby is important to you because you gave birth to it with a lot of pain, in the same way your marriage is important to you because Allah blessed you with it and put the care of your spouse in your heart for it. So give it that importance.

Come back home early to spend time with your wife. Finish up with the household chores early to have a chance to speak to your husband. Communication, commitment, compliments are all important nutrients that you can add to your marriage to make it healthy. When you have arguments with your spouse, strive to fix the issue. Protect your marriage and make it healthier as in goes on. And never, even for once, put your marriage in the back seat of your other commitments. Allah has made the commitment of marriage one of the most important commitments that you may have. Make it important or it would die from lack of nutrition.

And just like a baby takes time to grow when you give it milk and nutrients, in the same way a healthy marriage will take time, patience and a lot of compromise for it to grow. But once it does, there will be love, understanding and compassion for the rest of your life. Don’t let your marriage wither away. Strive to give it health and take it with yourself to Jannah, Ameen.