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Posted on 1/25/2018 in Muslim Marriage
Making Imaan Rise

Making Imaan Rise - NikahExplorer

Allah has asked all Muslims to marry for the right reasons and marry a person when they fulfill the criteria of those right reasons. He has asked us to marry after we see that our potential spouse is capable of supporting us, is compatible with us, has beauty, has means and most importantly, has faith, has Imaan. This should be the most important criteria of Muslims to marry.

Allah has asked us to marry a person of faith, one who believes in Allah and the Day of Judgment. This is because when we marry a person who has that strong faith they help their spouse achieve the same level of faith. A Muslim spouse should not only have a high level of Imaan but also be responsible in making the imaan of their spouse rise to a great level. A great husband will not only compliment you when you look pretty but also compliment you when you make an extra effort of prayer. Similarly, a wife will cajole you into not lazing around and perhaps say an extra 2 nafl of prayer with them. These little acts will ensure your spouse’s imaan rises and you are on the same path that Allah has prescribed for you.

Raising your spouse’s imaan also has another advantage and reflection. It means that as a Muslim it is not only important for you to enter Jannah but also important for your spouse to enter with you. When you make your own and your spouse’s imaan rise, Allah knows that you are serious about entering the Paradise with your better half, even if they leave you early in this world. You’re not only making them pious and a follower of the right path but also ensuring they are your partner in Jannah and how beautiful is that for raising imaan. It is the best love that can exist between a Muslim husband and a Muslim wife.