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Posted on 1/20/2017 in Relationship
Making time in marriage

Making time in marriage - NikahExplorer

As marriage is one of the most important relationships in Islam and also the most loved by Allah, we are required to be true and fair to the relationship while we commit to it. This does not mean that if the husband and wife are being loyal to their spouse (not having affairs) they are fulfilling all their responsibilities. However, marriage has a much greater list of requirements and one of the most important one of them is to give and make TIME for the other spouse. Making time for them means making time for your marriage and there is a great reward for doing so.

Most marriages, though have that spark in the beginning,  tend to lose it as couples get involved in their day to day lives, rearing of their children being the most pressing one. But we must not let that affect our relationship. Just like we make time for all other things that are important in our worldly life, so must we make time for our husbands and wives.

Allah has asked Muslim couples to live together in love and mercy but that will not be possible if we do not hold our spouses important in our life and make time for them. We should ask ourselves, are we really present in our marriage? Does the sense of responsibility towards your spouse make you forget all your other priorities? If not, then your marriage needs the attention that Allah has asked it to be given.

So for all Muslim men and women out there, make sure you give your marriage TIME. Lack of spending time with each other, not talking on the same wavelength (or even different for that matter, having contrasting opinions is a sign of a healthy relationship) is, in many cases, more dangerous than cheating on your spouse. And should be taken utmost care of. Men should lessen the amount of time they spend with their male friends, for example, and invest more of it with his wife after he comes back from work. In the same way, wives should make sure all her children’s homework is finished before her husband comes back home and spend quality time with her husband (preferably, not nagging and complaining!).

Being involved in your marriage is a very important sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) who made sure he spent time with his wives, though he had so many. If we can follow even half of the relationship he had with his wives, we will have achieved a lot. So be involved, spend more time with your spouses and keep your marriage alive!