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Posted on 2/13/2017 in Relationship
Marital life on Facebook for Muslims

Marital life on Facebook for Muslims - NikahExplorer

The popularity of social media has indeed taken the world by storm and in this storm, married couples are caught no doubt.  Just like everyone else they like to share the highlights of their marital lives on Facebook, the time and events leading up to their fairytale wedding and the honeymoon that follows; all blissful moments go up on Facebook with pictures and statuses and that comes to be known as their marital life on Facebook.

Sharing your most wonderful moments with your spouse on Facebook can be very tricky and it is important for Muslim couples to understand that. We keep advising couples to follow the Holy Prophet (PBUH) when it comes to leading your married lives and one of the Prophet Mohammad’s habits when he was married was to display publicly his love and affection for his wives. Hence showing your love on Facebook for your spouse is not technically incorrect when it comes to following the religion, infact it is a great Sunnah. So when spouses share their milestones in their married lives on Facebook they are not doing anything wrong.

However, how many of us can safely say that all our friends on Facebook are indeed are real “friends”? Not many I suppose. Most of our friends’ list on Facebook consist of acquaintances, a few close friends yes, but mostly people who you haven’t known or met for many months or even years and many infact who also seriously dislike you. Do you think it would make them utterly joyous to seeing you display your undying love for your husband or wife, while they themselves remain single, or worse, are going through a divorce? Certainly not.

Another reason why Facebook display of affection may be dangerous is because the viewers of your ‘happy posts’ immediately assume that your life is happy. While Allah has indeed decreed for all the Muslims to be married and live in “peace and harmony” He, the Most Beneficent knows that your life will not be a bed of roses. Bed of roses are only there in Jannah and we are not there yet. He knows that our marital lives will have ups and downs. While we may share the ups of our married lives on Facebook, we will certainly not share the downs. And therein lies the danger of Facebook. For viewers to think your lives are nothing but happy. This can create feelings of jealousy even in your closest friends.  And for the people who dislike you, well, the power of the evil eye is real and you’re making yourself vulnerable to it by sharing your fantastic married moments on Facebook.

As a viewer of these happy romantic posts of married lives on Facebook, we must remember that they are not real. The one putting them up has as much, if not more, problems in their lives which they choose not to display on social media, as don’t you. But be assured that they do have them, just like you do. So look at those posts and smile and pray for the couple and that should be that.  And once you’re done with that, you should focus on your own marriage, on your own life and family and then make dua for yourself.